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Photos of Decatur Hotel and Arcade Fire 11/17/1904.

fr117-Decatur Hotel and Arcade Fire 11-17-1904-073.jpg
Photographs of the fire at the Decatur Hotel and Arcade Buildings on 11/17/1904. Photo ran in the Review 11/18/1904.

Photo of McEvoy Hotel located at Front and Cerro Gordo Streets.
Photograph of the McEvoy Hotel, Front and Cerro Gordo Streets, Decatur, IL.

Photo of the St. Nicholas Hotel
Photograph of stacks of luggage at the St. Nicholas Hotel. Photograph of the St. Nicholas Hotel beds. Photograph of St. Nicholas Hotel Chefs craving turkeys. Photograph of the St. Nicholas Hotel from across the street. Postcard of the St. Nicholas…

Photos of the Kraft Hotel
Photograph of the Kraft Hotel built in 1908, photo taken about that time. Photograph of the Kraft Hotel, 561-563 Front Street, Decatur, IL. photo taken in 1940's.