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Personnel Policy and Public Relations committee meeting - January 1987

These are the minutes of the Personnel Policy and Public Relations committee in January 1987. Items discussed were staff training and adding it to the budget for the next year, exit interviews and adding to personnel code, and material selection…

Meeting Notice for Committees - January 1987

This is a notice stating the times, date, location, and topics of the following committees in January 1987: finance and properties, personnel policy and public relations, and evaluation committee.

Ralph Owen's Oral History

This is the oral history of Ralph Owen. He was interviewed by Betty Turnell on January 6, 1987. The interview covers childhood, businesses, the Franklin Mall, Franklin Travel Agency, and the Lake Shore Club condominiums.

Board of Directors meeting January 15, 1987

These are the agenda and minutes of the Board of Directors meeting on January 15, 1987. At this meeting the board discussed committee reports pertaining to expenditures, parking, policy manual, circ stats, OCLC, bookmobile, Baby Talk, Reading in the…