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Agenda and Minutes Board of Trustees Meeting March 1995

These are the minutes of the Board of Trustees meeting in March 1995. At this meeting the members discussed the city librarian's report, homeless, Chicago Tribune, OSHA, ILA directories, bookmobile, Personnel Policy and Public Relations, employee…

Finance and Properties Committee Meeting March 1995

This is the meeting of the Finance and Properties Committee in March 1995. At this meeting the members discussed budget revisions, fees for legal services, fees for library services, the Foundation and renovation cost.

Circulation Statistics for 1995

This is the circulation statistics for 1995. It show information on the central library and extension libraries. Print and Non-Print stats are shown as well. Total is given in each area and for the year. May and April 1995

Letter Secretary of State - March 1995

This is a letter from the Secretary of State thanking and congratulating the Public Library on the completion of their long range plans. It mentions specific area of technology, internet access, and pre-teen learning. This also goes with the per…

Statistical Report - March September, and April - 1995

This is the statistical report for March and April of 1995. In this report the following are reported: technical services, current vacancies, computer down time, patrons registered, personnel activity, professional assists, patrons in building,…

Revenue Report - 1995

This is the revenue report for April of 1995 for the public library. This report shows information on fund balance, taxes, intergovernmental revenue, fines and fees, investment income, other income, transfers, capital expenditures, and capital…

Bills and Payroll - 1995 - April, October, August, March, May and July, september, November

These are the bills and payment for the Decatur Public Library in 1995 for April, August, July, March, May and October. These spreadsheets show date of request, vendor, amount, check number, check date, descriptions, Trusts, Capital, fund balance,…

Protzman Letter - March 1994

This is a thank you letter from Tom Protzman in appreciation of the use of the auditorium at the library for the SCORE seminar.