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Standards for Illinois Public Libraries - February 2009

This is a copy of the Illinois State Standards for Public Libraries collection management, core standards, supplemental standards, reference, readers advisory, core standards, bill of rights, freedom to read, freedom to view, code of ethics, statues…

Avenues of Excellence 1995

This is the Avenues of Excellence that is reviewed by the Board of Directors each month. These two sections deal with reference, output measures, population, fill rate, reference transactions per capita, services, specific population, accessibility,…

Long Range Planning Committee July 1994

These are the minutes of the Long Range Planning Committee meeting in July 1994. At this meeting the committee discussed current library roles, desired library roles, work form, popular material, reference, preteen door to learning,

Workform - Selecting Library Roles

This is a work form to use in selecting library roles by staff. The following groups are included: community activity center, community information center, formal education center, independent learning center, popular material library, preschooler's…

Roles Statement - November 1994

This is the Role Statement from November 1994. It included reference, popular materials, pre-teen door to learning, independent learning center, and a mission statement.

Annual Circulation Report 1989-1994 in Bar Graph Form

This is the annual circulation report of the Decatur Public Library for 1989 to 1994. This report, in bar graph form, shows comparative circulation results for the Main Library, Extension Department, as well as results for Building Visits,…

Average books and materials cost and discount record for Decatur Public Library including added and withdrawn items for 1984 through 1989.

This is the Book and Materials Average cost and discount report for the Decatur Public Library for 1984-1989. This report includes information on items added and withdrawn including genre consisting of adult, youth, juvenile, extension, reference,…

Cost and discount for Decatur Public Library material, both print and non-print, from 1982 through 1987

This is a comparison chart showing cost and discount cost for materials, both print and non-print for Decatur Public Library. This chart takes in the years 1982 through 1987. The average cost per book and the discount percent is listed for both print…

Graphs - 1971/1972

These are graphs of the total Reference activity in 1971/1972.