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Camp Robert Faries Pool

AS1-Camp Roberts Faires_Pool_1954029.jpg
Photograph of the pool at the Boy Scout camp Camp Robert Faries in 1954.

Entrance of the Country Club of Decatur at the South End of Jasper St.

Photograph of the entrance of the Country Club of Decatur on S. Jasper St. on August 13, 1911. Caption reads: "Country Club - Decatur - entrance. Located at the south end of Jasper St. This club was used until they moved to the new site east of the…

Playing Golf at the Country Club of Decatur

AS2-COUNTRY_CLUB_OF_DECATUR, 5-2-1952001.jpg
Photograph of unknown women and man playing golf at the Country Club of Decatur on May 2, 1952.

Decatur Archery Club

Photograph of unknown men and women of the Decatur Archery Club in an office holding bows and arrows on May 5, 1948.

Decatur Boat Club Crew

Photograph of the Decatur Boat Club crew rowing on Lake Decatur in Decatur, IL. From left to right, the crew is: Dorwyn Bennington, Harold Carr, Jack Hathaway, and Thomas Page. The photo was taken by Seitz Studio of Decatur, IL, and ran in the…

Decatur Turnverein Clubhouse

AS38-Decatur Turnverein001.jpg
Sketch of Decatur Turnverein clubhouse. This location because Webster Hall.

Dining Room of the Elks Club

AS3- Elks Club_Dining Room_1948035.jpg
Negative of two women standing in the back of the Elks Club dining room in 1948

Elks Club Kitchen

AS4-Elks Club_Kitchen_1948_034.jpg
Negative of two unknown women working in the Elk Club's kitchen in 1948.

Goodman Band in 1913

Photograph of the members of the Goodman Band sitting in a square gazebo in 1913. Photo of 4 Regt. Band at Camp Lincoln, Springfield, IL., July 28 - Aug 4, 1906.