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Photograph of the Decatur Boat Club.

Photograph of the Decatur Boat Club. From left to right: Dorwyn Bennington, Harold Carr, Jack Hathaway, and Thomas Pope.

Photo of Rev. Leon W. Kern

Photograph of Rev. Leon W. Kern; first pastor Wesley Methodist Church, Brush College Road, (1927-1928). Attended Millikin University while here. Photo by Seitz Studio. Ran Review 11/13/1927.

Photo of Rev. J. E. Story

Photograph of Rev. J. E. Story, he served at the 7th Street Christian Church now the Prairie Ave. Christian Church, left in 1935.

Photo of Decatur Municipal Theatre - Outdoor Theatre

Photograph of the Decatur Municipal Theatre located on Highway 51 near the waterworks.

Photo of the Coliseum Restaurant

BS800-Coliseum Tavern_Former Fair Grounds_Built 1923.jpg
Photograph of the Coliseum Restaurant built in 1923, burned in 1925, rebuilt, and burned again in 1933. Shown in the photo is a view of the Coliseum, formerly the property of the Macon County Fair Association but more recently a beer tavern and dance…

William A. Underwood

Photograph of William A. Underwood; (born 1/4/1861; died 1/1/5/1931; married Belle Lyons on 3/5/1885.) Sheriff of Macon Co. from 1922 to 1926; member of the Odd Fellow lodge at Casner and Easterly Camp 1626, MWA in Decatur. Photo ran 1/16/1931.

Mrs. Fannie Kaufman

Photograph of Mrs. Fannie Kaufman (b. 6/12/1836, d. 3/20/1932), mother of Aaron Kaufman. She was born in Stuttgart, Germany to Mr. and Mrs. Hirsch Ottenheimer. She came to America at 8 years old, and moved toCincinnati, OH. There, she married…

Mrs. E.A. Gastman and the Childrens Summer Reading Contest

BIO148-GASTMAN_MRS_E_A, 8-31-1927.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. E.A. Gastman handing out diplomas to the children who participated in the Childrens Summer Reading contest at the Decatur Public Library on August 31, 1927. The photo was taken by Seitz Studio and used in the Decatur Herald.

Arthur N. Dawson

BIO103-DAWSON_ARTHUR_N, 1-26-1930423.jpg
Photograph of Arthur N. Dawson (d. 10/19/1943). Dawson was a guard at Oakes Products division of Houdaille-Hershey. He was also a state highway patrolman and Decatur patrolman for several years. In 1930 and 1940, Dawson ran for the Republican…

Decatur Boat Club Crew

Photograph of the Decatur Boat Club crew rowing on Lake Decatur in Decatur, IL. From left to right, the crew is: Dorwyn Bennington, Harold Carr, Jack Hathaway, and Thomas Page. The photo was taken by Seitz Studio of Decatur, IL, and ran in the…