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Oglesby School and Mother's Show

Photographs of Oglesby School Building, Mother's Show and Cleaning Up in front of the school.

Central Park - Sleet Storm 3/20/1912

These photos show Central Park after a sleet storm on March 20, 1912. The photos were taken by George Baker of Decatur, IL, and used in the Decatur Herald or Daily Review.

Photos of South Main Street, Decatur, IL.

ST597-S. Main_&_Macon_Sts_10-1-1949_20190618_0165.jpg
Photograph Decatur: "South Main Street before the Illinois Central subway was built. Road in foreground possibly Cleveland Ave. Looking northwest from the east side of the tracks. the old court house can be seen in the background. The Greenwood…

Photos of W. Decatur Street during 1910 and 1911.

Photograph of W. Decatur Street near Fairview Ave. "Very little mechanical equipment was in use in 1911 when West Decatur Street near Fairview Avenue was paved with brick. Decatur's first hard-surface street was laid in 1884 when brick with sand…

Photographs of 230 W. Prairie Ave.

Photographs of 230 W. Prairie Ave. This was the home of John R. Bradshaw, known as the Bradshaw apartments. It was sold by H. Vincent Allen, grandson of Bradshaw, to Mrs. M.E. Grover in 1948. The 1954 city directory listed it as being owned by Mrs.…

Photographs of 505 Powers Lane

HO281-Ewing House_1914_082.jpg
Photograph of the Ewing House and 505 Powers Lane built in 1910 and 1911 by Charles A. Ewing and designed by Frederick Perkins. Ewing's wife, Idelle K., lived there in 1954.

Photograph of No. 1 Millikin Place

HO30-N0 1 MILLIKIN PLACE, 12-1-1912.jpg
Photograph of No. 1 Millikin Place. This house was built by Robert Mueller in 1911 and 1912. His widow, Addie E., still lived there in 1954.

Photo of House on 531 W. Main Street

HO131-531_W_MAIN_ST, MICHAEL_TROUTMAN_HSE, 12-1-1912.jpg
Photograph of House on 531 W. Main Street, Decatur, IL. "Originally built by Michael Troutman in 1868. It was the first brick residence built on that street. In 1912 it was remodeled and a coat of cement plaster was put over the brick. Mr. and Mrs.…