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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Photos of East Wood Street, Decatur, IL.

Photograph East Wood Street, photo ran Review 8/13/1911. Photograph of man and team of horses working on East Wood Street, ran Review 8/13/1911. Photograph 100 Block East Wood at South Main St. the buildings between Main and Water on the south side…

Photograph of Postcard of West William St.

ST79-W_WILLIAM_ST, C1911058.jpg
Photograph of a postcard of West William St. West from Edward St. in Decatur IL.

Photos of 100 Block North Franklin Street.

Photograph of the 100 Block N. Franklin, looking south from the east side of Central Park. The old Revere House is the first building on the left. Photograph of Public Market East Side of Central Park on N. Franklin, 1911-1913. Photograph of 100…

Photos of South Fairview Avenue intersection with West Main and West Wood Streets.

ST808b-ST56-S_FAIRVIEW_AVE-1, 100_BLOCK_&_W_MAIN, C1900013.jpg
Photograph 100 Block South Fairview Ave. and West Main St. "The building and the opening of Millikin University in 1903 brought about the residential development of Decatur west of Fairview Avenue. (ST56)The above picture looking south on Fairview…

Photos of W. Decatur Street during 1910 and 1911.

Photograph of W. Decatur Street near Fairview Ave. "Very little mechanical equipment was in use in 1911 when West Decatur Street near Fairview Avenue was paved with brick. Decatur's first hard-surface street was laid in 1884 when brick with sand…

Photos of the 1100 Block E. Eldorado looking East.

Photographs of the City of Decatur paving E. Eldorado, 1100 Block looking east, Ran in the Review 12/24/1911. Photograph of the City grading the street in preparation to repaving, photo taken 12/24/1911.

Photograph of 1345 N. Water St.

Photograph of 1345 N. Water St. This house was built by Dr. R.L. Walston. It was left to Harry B. Ziegler who later sold it to Blanch V. Shriver. Mrs. Shriver sold it to Paul G. Kashefska in 1945 and he sold it to Fred M. Byers in 1946. In 1947 Mr.…

Photographs of 505 Powers Lane

HO281-Ewing House_1914_082.jpg
Photograph of the Ewing House and 505 Powers Lane built in 1910 and 1911 by Charles A. Ewing and designed by Frederick Perkins. Ewing's wife, Idelle K., lived there in 1954.

Photograph of No. 1 Millikin Place

HO30-N0 1 MILLIKIN PLACE, 12-1-1912.jpg
Photograph of No. 1 Millikin Place. This house was built by Robert Mueller in 1911 and 1912. His widow, Addie E., still lived there in 1954.