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Technical Services Activities by Months - 1971/1972

This is a spreadsheet showing the activity of the Technical Services Department in the fiscal year of 1971/1972.

Survey of Public Libraries - Fiscal Year 1971

This is the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Survey of Public Libraries and Nonconsolidated Public Library Systems Serving Areas with At Least 25,000 Inhabitants - Fiscal Year 1971.

Graphs - 1971/1972

These are graphs of the total Reference activity in 1971/1972.

City Librarian's Annual Report - 1971/1972

This is the City Librarian's annual report for the fiscal year of 1971/1972. In this report, Robert Dumas discussed the library's year, including the book fund, new bookmobiles, closing the Dill Branch and not staffing the hospital stations, theā€¦

Sappington Resolution - March 12, 1971

This is the resolution recognizing the significant contribution that W. Arthur Sappington made to library operation during his time on the Board.