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Board of Directors Zoom Meeting - May 2020 - minutes, agenda, packet

These are the agenda, minutes, and packet of the Zoom meeting of the board of directors in May 2020. Items discussed and acted upon were tech services, system admin, archives, special collection, public input, capital needs, space plan, finance and…

Annual Report June 1995

This is the annual report to the city council, mayor, and Illinois State Library June 1995. Also included is the city librarian's report. These reports highlight graphs, narrative, statistics, liabilities, information, monies required, monies…

Annual Report of the Board of Trustees - 1993/1994

This is the annual report of the board of trustees to the city council 1994. In this report the board states information on monies received, expenditures, operating fund, trust funds, library capital fund, books and materials available and…

Board of Directors Meeting on October 14, 1966

Meeting of the Board of Directors October 14, 1966 to approve minutes of the regular board meeting on September 9, 1966 and the special meeting on September 19, 1966.