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Two Men With an Old Airplane

Negative of a photograph of two men with an old airplane in a field near some houses in 1918.

Hendrian Monoplane

Negative of a photograph of two men with the Hendrian monoplane on August 6, 1911.

Moody Brothers with Plane

AV1-MOODY_BROTHERS, C1918_001.jpg
Photograph of the Moody Brothers and an unknown man with standing by the tail of an airplane with an automobile in the background.

The Moody Brothers With Their Plane on Runway

Negative of the Moody Brothers standing by their plane with other unknown men on a runway in Decatur, IL.

John Harmon Kiick

AV2-KIICK_JOHN_HARMON, 3-27-1931_172.jpg
Negative of John H. Kiick with an airplane on March 27, 1931.