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Automobile In Front of a House

Photograph of an automobile in front a house on a long driveway.

Early Model Automobile

Photograph of an early model automobile in front of a house.

829 W. Leafland Ave, Decatur, IL

Photograph of 829 W. Leafland Ave. in Decatur, IL.

1582 N. Main St., Decatur, IL

Photograph of 1582 N. Main St. in Decatur, IL

The Rear of the 1545 House

Photograph of a man in the backyard of a house with the address of 1545.

Tabby Cat on the Porch

Photograph of a tabby cat on the porch of a house.

Family on the Porch of a Big House

Photograph of a family sitting on the porch of the big house.

Pensacola 1911

Photograph of a house in Pensacola in 1911.

House with Man on Porch

HH32-1927 - House with Man on Porch.jpg
This is a photography of a man standing on the porch of a home. It was taken by Henry Hibbs and developed by Haines and Essicks on August 30, 1927.