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Photograph of Automobiles Racing at the Fairgrounds
Photograph of automobiles racing at the fairgrounds at an unknown date.

Photo Of Early Automobile Race
Photograph of two automobiles racing in 1910.

Man Working on His Car
Negative of an unknown man working on his car in a garage.

Automobile Travelling Past the Ottenheimer & Co. Store
Photograph of unknown people in an automobile travelling past the Ottenheimer & Co. store at 257 N. Water St. on March 24, 1907.

J.C. Rainey in his Automobile East of the Spangler Bridge
Photograph of J.C. Rainey sitting in his automobile east of Spangler Bridge on march 28, 1909. Rainey was the brother-in-law of James K. Stafford, and at one time, lived at the Velwyn Sanitarium.

William Landis and a Rambler
Photograph of William Landis in a Rambler.
Landis was an agent for Rambler Automobile before 1906.