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F. B. Tait

BIO405-TAIT_F_B, C1912.jpg
Photograph of F. B. Tait, (born 1850 died 1932) Decatur Industrialist, manufactured check rowers, corn palnters, and railway car trucks. Photo taken 1912.

Robert Faries

Photograph of Robert Faries (d. 11/17/1919). Faries was a manufacturer, inventor, and president of the Faries Manufacturing Co. He bought Wilson Park, and renamed it Faries Park in 1910. He founded the Faries Manufacturing Co. in 1881, which…

A.W. Conklin

BIO87-CONKLIN_ABRAHAM_W, C 1900075.jpg
Photograph of A.W. Conklin (b. 3/25/1835, d. 3/28/1909), a prominent Decatur manufacturer. Conklin helped establish the Decatur Bag Factory, which later became known as the Tait factory. He also established the Decatur Steam Bakery, which became…