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Mrs. Bertha Gray Storer

Photograph of pencil sharpener invented by Mrs. Bertha Gray Storer. She was the wife of Will Storer and former Decatur resident, died 7/7/1936 in Long Island, New York. She was the daughter of Alonzo and Rachael Gray. She was the organist at Grace…

Levi P. Graham

BIO153-GRAHAM_LEVI_P, 11-13-1904.jpg
Photograph of Levi P. Graham (d. 1907). He was a patent attorney and inventor. Graham invented a seed corn sorter, and had several other patents on corn planting machinery. The photo was taken by Smith of Decatur, and ran in the Decatur Herald on…

Robert Faries

Photograph of Robert Faries (d. 11/17/1919). Faries was a manufacturer, inventor, and president of the Faries Manufacturing Co. He bought Wilson Park, and renamed it Faries Park in 1910. He founded the Faries Manufacturing Co. in 1881, which…