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Obituary Mrs. Anna Hibbs, January 8, 1912, Decatur Herald and Review, Decatur IL,

This is the obituary of Mrs. Anna Hibbs who passed away on January 8, 1912. It lists her age, illness, mother, husband, sons, sister, and brother. Funeral arrangements are 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning at the home of her mother. Interment is at Greenwood…

Fairview Park - Canoe Trip
This photograph shows a group of women and girls in a canoe on a lake in Fairview Park. The photo was taken by C.F. Ebenhardt.

Mrs. W.J. Haines - Mother & Son
This is the glass negative of a mother and son that was taken for Mrs. W.J. Haines. The photo was taken by Charles Wasson of Wasson Studios in Decatur, IL in the early 1900s.

Alma Veech and 2 Girls
Photograph of Alma Veech and two girls taken by Van Deventer Studio in Decatur IL

Happy Easter 1945
Photograph of a baby named Robert Gerald with his mother. The back of the photo says: "Happy Easter 1945. Robert Gerald 4 months old, 19 pounds, 1 tooth"