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Dam - Lake Decatur - Sangamon River - c.1920
This is a picture of the dam over Lake Decatur/Sangamon River c.1920

Nelson Park - Scenery
These are photographs of the scenery of Nelson Park. The photographs were taken by Rembrandt Studio and W.M. Bishop c. 1910.

Fairview Park - Canoe Trip
This photograph shows a group of women and girls in a canoe on a lake in Fairview Park. The photo was taken by C.F. Ebenhardt.

Photograph of a Group of Swimmers
Photograph of a group of wimmers during the summer in 1912.

Photograph of Lifeguards
Photograph of a group of lifeguards thought to be at Lake Decatur at an unknown date.

Photographs of Boat Houses along the Sangamon River
Photographs of boat houses along the Sangamon River before the valley was flooded to create Lake Decatur.