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Obituary Mrs. Anna Hibbs, January 8, 1912, Decatur Herald and Review, Decatur IL,

This is the obituary of Mrs. Anna Hibbs who passed away on January 8, 1912. It lists her age, illness, mother, husband, sons, sister, and brother. Funeral arrangements are 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning at the home of her mother. Interment is at Greenwood…

Funeral Announcement for Mrs. Anna Hibbs - January 9, 1912, page 10, Daily Review

This is the funeral announcement for Mrs. Anna Hibbs dates January 9, 1912. It appeared on the tenth page of the Decatur Daily Review. This announcement listed the church, pastor, music, and pallbearers. She was buried in Greenwood cemetery.

Photos of South Main Street, Decatur, IL.
Photograph Decatur: "South Main Street before the Illinois Central subway was built. Road in foreground possibly Cleveland Ave. Looking northwest from the east side of the tracks. the old court house can be seen in the background. The Greenwood…

Henry Schlie
Photograph of Henry Schlie; (died 11/30/1922) married Augusta Schwab 6/1/1879; she died in 1899. He organized the Decatur Retail Grocers' Association. He was head of the firm Schlie & Dehler, store located on South Water Street. Full obit: Decatur…

Joseph Michl
Photo of Joseph Michl (born. March 17, 1831; died 1/12/1914) obituary in the Decatur Herald on 1/13/1914; p.3. Joseph Michl started the cigar business 1858.

Jesse E. Bendure
Photograph of Jesse E. Bendure (d. 3/11/1908), superintendent of Greenwood Cemetery for 29 years. Owned a grocery store on S. Main St. when he first came to Decatur, and also served as the Macon County Coroner for 4 terms. He was the father of Roy…