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Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting - June 1994

These are the minutes of the board of directors meeting in June 1994. At this meeting the board discussed labor negotiations, city librarian's report, personnel policy and public relations, city librarian's evaluation, finance and properties, bills,…

Finance and Properties Committee Report - January 1994

This is the minutes of the Finance and Properties Committee meeting in January 1994. At this meeting the following were discussed: 1994-1995 budget, management benefit program - salary schedule, bid request for the new phone system.

City Librarian's Monthly Report - June 1994

This is the June monthly report by the City Librarian, John Moorman. In this report he discusses the summer reading program, baby talk, spark, bookmobiles, library brochure, WW II display, budget, maintenance in the library, volunteers, internet…

City Librarian's Monthly Report - August 1994

This is the August monthly report by the city librarian. In this report John Moorman discusses negotiating team, contract, book consideration, Penguin Book of Lesbian Short Stories, Summer Reading Program, community partnership, voice mail, phone…