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Board of Trustees Meeting - February 1995

These are the minutes of the Board of Trustees meeting in February 1995. At this meeting the board discussed the city librarian's report, technical division, computer upgrade, day shelter at the Salvation Army, homeless, finance and properties,…

City Librarian's Report to the Board of Directors - September 1994

This is the city librarian's report in September 1994. In this report the city library discusses collective bargaining, Sunday hours, continuing education, bookmobile, long range plans, circulation, summer reading, children's division, technical…

Decatur Public Library Annual Report - 1992-1993

This is the Annual Library Report - 1992-1993 for the Technical Division of the Library. It includes information on mainfrrame computer, micro computers, printers, modems, and division positions

City Librarian's Monthly Report - April 1994

This is the April monthly report by the city librarian. In this report the city Librarian discusses volunteers, staff changes, community involvement, library legislative day, circulation stats, attendance, technical division, GEAC acquisitions,…