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Personnel Policy and Public Relations Committee Meeting March 1994

These are the minutes of the personnel policy and public relations committee in March 1994. At this meeting the members discussed security guard, labor negotiations, personnel policy update, fees, and employee vacancy.

Finance and Properties Meeting March 1994

These are the minutes of the Finance and Properties committee meeting in March 1994. At this meeting the committee discussed labor negotiations, fines and fees, telephone equipment bids, general fund, capital fund, and LIBS 100+.

Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meeting in March 1994.

These are the minutes of the board of directors meeting March 1994. At this meeting the board discussed city librarian's report, Foundation, Personnel Policy and Public Relations, Friends, Finance and Properties, bills, RPLS, Avenues of Excellence,…

Library Fee Schedule - March 1994

This is a chart of area libraries along with Decatur showing a comparison of all fee and fines for these libraries.

Decatur Public Library Foundation - Long Range Plans - March 1994

These are the long range plans of the Decatur Public Library Foundation dated March 1994. These plans include fund raising, endowment, capital development, funds management and distribution, preserve and manage assets, regular distribution of funds,…

Statistical Reports - Monthly - 1994

These are the statistical reports for 1994. All monthly are included. They show technical services, personnel, circulation stats, locations, departments, genre, computer down time, registered patrons, volunteers, books added, books withdrawn, books…

Clean Community System Letter - March 1, 1994

This is a thank you note to John Merrich for his display at Richland Community College's Enviromental Fair for the Decatur Macon County Clean Community System in March 1994.