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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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City Librarian's Monthly Report - April 1994

This is the April monthly report by the city librarian. In this report the city Librarian discusses volunteers, staff changes, community involvement, library legislative day, circulation stats, attendance, technical division, GEAC acquisitions,…

Board of Directors Meeting - August 1990

These are the minutes and agenda from the Board of Directors meeting in August 1990. At this meeting the board discussed city librarian's report, committee report, RPLS, Foundation, Avenues of Excellence, Business Information Center, Long range…

Annual Report of Board of Trustees, of the City Librarian, and to Illinois State Library May 1989

These are the three reports due each year from the Board of Trustees and the City Librarian.
These report were completed in May of 1989. They deal with monies received, expenditures, trust funds, materials available, material circulated, goals,…

Monthly meeting of the Board of Directors November 1986

This is the agenda and minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of November 1986. At this meeting the Board discussed committee reports pertaining to circ stats, cataloging department, OCLC, RPLS, donations, expenditures, library code, vacation…

Memo - August 4, 1972

This is a memorandum from Robert Dumas to the Board members stating that President Butler cancelled the meeting on September 15, 1972.