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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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A Bit of Light

photograph of an unknown woman (possibly Mabel Grubbs) sitting on a rock outside. Photo is labeled "A Bit of Light".

A Deer, Lucille, and an Unknown Woman

Photograph of Lucille Besalke and an unknown woman with a deer at a petting zoo.

Adkins Family in the Kitchen

Photograph of Doris, Charles, and an unknown woman standing in the kitchen.

Besalke Family at Lake Decatur

Photograph of William and Augusta Besalke with an unknown woman and two unknown boys at Lake Decatur.

Besalke Women

Photograph of Lucille Besalke and an unknown woman sitting on a couch in a living room.

Bomball Family in Dixon IL

Postcard of the Bomball family stiting on a grassy hill in Dixon, IL on July 4, 1911. The back of the postcard says: "Dixon Ill July 4/11. I would like to know why Mama don't write, must be very busy. M Bomball". Also has the address for Mr. W.…

Bomball Woman

Photograph of an unknown female member of the Bomball family.


Photograph of Mabel Grubbs, Mr. Browning, and unknown woman standing in front of Decatur High School. Photo is labeled "Bravo!"

Carl and I

Photograph of Carl and an unknown woman standing in a parking lot next to a car with California plates in 1939.