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Photo of three unknown ladies taken at East End Gallery.

BS106-East_End_Gallery-3 Women_No date.jpg
Photograph done at the East End Gallery located at 1079 E. Eldorado of three unknown ladies.

Photo of Three Ladies - East End Gallery

BS106-East_End_Gallery-3 Women_No date.jpg
Photograph of three ladies taken at the East End Gallery, 1079 E. Eldorado St., Decatur, IL.

Photo of Building 200 Block N. Water St., National Bank of Decatur, IL.

BD122-National_Bank_of_Decatur-200 blk N. water.jpg
Photograph of building located 200 Block of N. Water St., Decatur, IL. Photo by East End Gallery of Decatur.

Henry C. Hagen

BIO160-HAGEN_HENRY_C, C1920.jpg
Photograph of Henry C. Hagen (d. 8/20/1942). He was a member of the last city council before the commission form of government was established in 1911. He was a machinist who worked for Union Iron Works, Mueller Co., and Williams Sealing Corp. …

Budd Florey

BIO142-FLOREY_BUDD, C1900.jpg
Photograph of Budd Florey (d. 7/25/1916). Florey was a tinner by trade, and a member of Greer and Florey, who had a tin shop on N. Main St. next to the Arcade Hotel. The shop was destroyed in the Decatur Hotel and Arcade hotel fire, and the firm…

Bomball Woman

Photograph of an unknown female member of the Bomball family.