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Photograph of Firehouse #1

FD53-FIREHOUSE #1, FORMER SITE, 156 W MAIN(1996).jpg
Photograph of the former site of firehouse #1 on 156 W Main St. in Decatur taken in 1996.

Photographs of Firehouse #2

A photograph of Firehouse #2 while in use and a photograph of the firehouse taken in 1994 after use. The firehouse sits at 550 N Morgan St. in Decatur.

Photograph of Firehouse #3

FD52-FIRE HOUSE #3, 1261 N MAIN.jpg
Photograph of Firehouse #3 at 1261 N. Main St. in Decatur. Date unknown.

Photograph of the Fire Department in 1912

Photograph taken of the Fire Department in 1912 at the Northwest corner of Lincoln Square.

Photograph of the Fire Department's Chief car.

Photograph of the Fire Department's Chief car. Date unknown.

Photograph of a Fire Truck on Franklin St.

FD3-Ladder Truck-Safety_Lane_Fire_Run-Franklin ST_1936.jpg
Photograph of a fire truck on Franklin St in Decatur during a safety lane fire run on September 11 of 1936.

Photograph of Fire Wagon during Funeral Procession

Photograph of Jim Park driving a fire wagon for Jack Sheehy's funeral procession taken in 1909.

Photograph of Fire Truck Designed by Fire Chief

Photograph of a fire truck designed by Fire Chief Will Platt of Decatur. Costing nearly $17,000 and weighing almost 8 tons, the truck embodied a radical change in cab style and equipment. Seven men, including the driver, rode in the cab; none on the…

Photographs of Fire Department Steamer

FD7-STEAMER, 8-22-1909.jpg
Photographs of the Fire Departments steamer, taken around the time of the Morehouse & Wells fire on August 22, 1909. One photograph taken on East Main St. The arrival of fire equipment on the square often brought crowds of curious onlookers.

Photograph of Frank L. Bickes

FD85-BICKES, FRANK L,2-9-1913.jpg
Photograph of Frank L. Bickes; died Aug. 21, 1936. Decatur contractor for 50 years. He was a member of the old Decatur Volunteer firemen. He served as a paid fireman when the Fire Department was established.