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Photographs from the Morehouse & Wells Fire
Several photographs from the August 22, 1909 Morehouse & Wells fire that took out nearly a block of downtown Decatur businesses. The fire started in the Morehouse & Wells building on East Main and destroyed half the block bounded by Merchant,…

Photographs of Fire Department Steamer
Photographs of the Fire Departments steamer, taken around the time of the Morehouse & Wells fire on August 22, 1909. One photograph taken on East Main St. The arrival of fire equipment on the square often brought crowds of curious onlookers.

Photo of Old Morehouse & Wells Building.
Photograph of the old Morehouse and Wells building, located to the left of Flora Gems building.

Photo of Morehouse and Wells Building
Photograph of the Moresouse and Wells Building, 134 E. Main St., Decatur, IL.

Photo Morehouse and Wells Building
Photograph of the Morehouse and Wells building at Christmas Time.