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Photographs of Scenes at the Wabash R.R. Station

RR93-steam_engine, 9-3-1896002.jpg
Photographs taken by J.K. Stafford of various scenes of steam locomotives at the Wabash R.R. station taken in the late 1890's and early 1900's.

Photograph of the William Warnick Homestead

HL123-Warnick Homestead016.jpg
Photograph of the William Warnick Homestead. This house, seven miles southwest of Decatur, was built by William Warnick after 1833, and became known as the "Thirty-Three Mile House" when owned by John Eckle and used as part of his tavern property to…

James Millikin

BIO270-MILLIKIN_JAMES-3, 3-6-1909.jpg
Photograph of James Millikin Funeral, horse drawn hearse. Print from J. K. Stafford collection of negatives taken in the late 1890's and 1900's which were in possession of Mr. and Mrs. Jack French of Cerro Gordo in 1954; recovered from Stafford attic…