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Photograph of the William Warnick Homestead

HL123-Warnick Homestead016.jpg
Photograph of the William Warnick Homestead. This house, seven miles southwest of Decatur, was built by William Warnick after 1833, and became known as the "Thirty-Three Mile House" when owned by John Eckle and used as part of his tavern property to…

Photographs of Lincoln Square and Transfer House in 1996

HL22-TRANSFER_HOUSE-1, C8-1996021.jpg
Photographs of Lincoln Square, the Transfer House's former location and a photograph of the Transfer House as it sits now in Central Park taken in 1996.

Photos of Millikin Homestead Interior and Art Class

Photographs of the first floor hallway at the Millikin Homestead. Photograph of Cherubs on second floor landing. Photograph of ladies attending an art class at the Millikin Homestead.

Photos of Millikin Homestead Exterior

Photograph of the Millikin Homestead during the winter. Photograph of two people on horseback riding in front of the Millikin Homestead. Photo of Carriage House on the Millikin Homestead. Photograph of the Millikin Homestead, front view. Photograph…