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Brennamen Fire 1910

MC3-Brennaman_fire_1909 (2).jpg
Photograph of the Brennamen Fire in 1910

Brennamen Fire 1910

Photograph of the Brennamen fire in 1910

YMCA Basktball Team

AS30-YMCA_BASKETBALL_TEAM, 2-6-1910004.jpg
Photograph of the 1910 YMCA Basketball champion team. Top Row (left-right) Bert Chance, Carl Wise, Raymond Judy, Will Ott, W.H. Duerr. Bottom row (left-row): Elmer Glan, Terry Mahan, Robert Thrift, Ralph Tenney. The photo ran in the Review on…

YWCA Basketball Team 1910

AS33-YWCA_BASKETBALL_TEAM,  5-15-1910006.jpg
Photograph of the Topsys basketball team from the YWCA in 1910. From top down: Mary Leech, Mae Cannard, Rose Ruckle, Irene Chandler, Ruth Stephens, Flora Ellis, Edna Cromer. The photo ran in the Decatur Daily Review on May 15, 1910.

The Chanticleers - YWCA Basketball Team 1910

Negative of the Chanticleers, a 1910 YWCA basketball team. Left to right: Pearl Kruse, Frances Dutch, Inez Ruckle, Edna Cromer, Edith Cope, Nita Hannum, Gertrude Mallory. The photo ran in Decatur Daily Review on May 15, 1910.

YWCA Evening Gym Class

Negative of the YWCA evening gym class. Top row (left-right): Maud Taggart, Nell Wright, Edna Jones, Lulu Semmel. Second row (left-right): Winifred Carmany, Beulah Potts, Nellie Nolan, Fern Boland, Grace Wells. Third row (left-right): Marie Nolan,…

Bear Family

BIO48-BEAR_FAMILY, 4-11-1910045.jpg
Photograph of the Bear family sitting on porch of a house on April 11, 1910.

Roy Bendure

BIO53-BENDURE_ROY, 5-2-1910048.jpg
Photograph of Roy Bendure (d. 7/23/1932), former chief of police in Decatur. He was appointed chief of police in 1909, and discharged by Mayor Borchers in 1910. He worked as a private detective, and a special agent for the Illinois Traction System.…

A.T. Davis Family Reunion

BIO99-DAVIS_A_T_FAMILY, 3-14-1910088.jpg
Photograph of the Davis family reunion in 1910. Top Row (L-R): Miss Lulu Davis, Archer Davis, Mrs. Archer Davis. 2nd Row (L-R): Harry Davis, Mrs. A.T. Davis, Mr. A.T. Davis, Mrs. Frank McBride. Third Row (L-R): Mrs. Harry Davis, Herbert Davis,…