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Photographs of John D. "Jack" Duffey

FD87-DUFFEY, JOHN D-1, (JACK), 10-13-1912.jpg
Photographs of John D. "Jack" Duffey; died March 23, 1937. Veteran Decatur Fireman. He served nearly 35 years on the Fire Department. He left the Fire Department about 1912 and for about 12 years was head of Mueller's Fire Department. Later he served…

Roy Bendure

BIO53-BENDURE_ROY, 5-2-1910048.jpg
Photograph of Roy Bendure (d. 7/23/1932), former chief of police in Decatur. He was appointed chief of police in 1909, and discharged by Mayor Borchers in 1910. He worked as a private detective, and a special agent for the Illinois Traction System.…