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YWCA Evening Gym Class

Negative of the YWCA evening gym class. Top row (left-right): Maud Taggart, Nell Wright, Edna Jones, Lulu Semmel. Second row (left-right): Winifred Carmany, Beulah Potts, Nellie Nolan, Fern Boland, Grace Wells. Third row (left-right): Marie Nolan,…

The Chanticleers - YWCA Basketball Team 1910

Negative of the Chanticleers, a 1910 YWCA basketball team. Left to right: Pearl Kruse, Frances Dutch, Inez Ruckle, Edna Cromer, Edith Cope, Nita Hannum, Gertrude Mallory. The photo ran in Decatur Daily Review on May 15, 1910.

YWCA Swimming Group

AS120-Swimming Group_NoDate_156.jpg
Negative of a group of unknown women playing in the pool at the YWCA.

YWCA Swim Class

Negative of an unknown woman in the pool participating in a YWCA swim class on January 17, 1941.

The Balbach Stars - YWCA Basketball Team 1908

Photograph of the 1908 YWCA basketball team, the Balbach Stars. Back row (left-right): Nita Hannum, Carrie Auer. Front row (left-right): Lora Park, Rose Ruckle, Caroline Metz, Josephine Kirk. The photograph ran in the Decatur Daily Review on…

YWCA Basketball Team 1908

AS35-YWCA_BASKETBALL_TEAM, 2-4-1908005.jpg
Photograph of the Twenty-Threes, the 1908 YWCA basketball team. Back row (left-right): Bertha Hayden, Vera Gher, Susanne Imboden. Front row (left-right): Mamie Keating, Mabel Fletcher, Lillian Hill, Mrs. Hugh Gates. Photo ran in the Decatur Daily…

YWCA Basketball Team 1916

Photograph of the 1916 YWCA basketball team. The photograph was taken by Wasson Studios in Decatur, IL.

YWCA Basketball Team 1910

AS33-YWCA_BASKETBALL_TEAM,  5-15-1910006.jpg
Photograph of the Topsys basketball team from the YWCA in 1910. From top down: Mary Leech, Mae Cannard, Rose Ruckle, Irene Chandler, Ruth Stephens, Flora Ellis, Edna Cromer. The photo ran in the Decatur Daily Review on May 15, 1910.