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Photograph of 440 W. Main St.

Photograph of the cabin in the yard at 440 W. Main St., where Mrs. Alice G. Evans, Decatur Librarian, and Miss Ella Glore, sister of Mrs. Evans resided. In 1931 Heston I. Baldwin bought the property and tore down the house and added the ground to the…

Mrs. Heston I. (Ida E.) Baldwin

BIO41-BALDWIN_IDA_E, MRS_HESTON_I, 9-26-1953424.jpg
Photograph Ida E. Baldwin (d. 9/25/1953), the wife of Heston I. Baldwin. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church and the Daughters of the American Revolution. She gave many gifts to the church. Her home was at 452 W. Main St. The photo…

Heston I. Baldwin

BIO40-BALDWIN_HESTON_I, C1916425.jpg
Photograph of Heston I. Baldwin (d. 3/27/1933), a prominent grain dealer and owner of the Baldwin Elevator Co. He served as an official on several state and national grain associations, and on the board of the D&MC Hospital. Baldwin was active in…