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Photographs of Boat Houses along the Sangamon River
Photographs of boat houses along the Sangamon River before the valley was flooded to create Lake Decatur.

Photograph of Eli Ulery Log Cabin
Photograph of Eli Ulery's log cabin, probably built around the 1840's or 1850's. In the 1871 city directory Ulery was listed as a cattle dealer and resident of 22 W. William St. This photograph dates to about 1900 and is by Thomas McCluskey of…

Photograph of 440 W. Main St.
Photograph of the cabin in the yard at 440 W. Main St., where Mrs. Alice G. Evans, Decatur Librarian, and Miss Ella Glore, sister of Mrs. Evans resided. In 1931 Heston I. Baldwin bought the property and tore down the house and added the ground to the…

Photograph of Levi Graybill's Cabin
Photograph of Levi Graybill's log cabin. This cabin was located near Rea's Bridge. Graybill was a street car man in the days when the cars were drawn by mules. He later moved to Quincy.