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Photograph of Alice Glore Evans, the Second City Librarian
Photograph of Alice Glore Evans, wife of Richard Evans who died in 1881. She was the second city librarian after her husband, Richard Evans, unexpectedly died.

Photograph of Richard Evans, the First City Librarian
Photograph of Richard Evans, married to Alice Glore; he was the First City Librarian starting in 1875 through 1881, when he unexpectedly died.

Photographs of 360 E. Wood St.
Photographs of 360 E. Wood St. This house was built by W.P. Shade in 1894. In 1946 it was sold to Lawrence W. Price and Edgar E. Evans, veterinarians, by Lewis W. Shade, son of W.P. Shade. It was remodeled and then used as an apartment house before…

Photograph of 1060 W. Marietta
Photograph of 1060 W. Marietta. The city directories first list this address in 1901 and it was owned by John D. Evans. It has had numerous owners since and the 1954 city directory lists Vernon Keller as its owner.

Photograph of 440 W. Main St.
Photograph of the cabin in the yard at 440 W. Main St., where Mrs. Alice G. Evans, Decatur Librarian, and Miss Ella Glore, sister of Mrs. Evans resided. In 1931 Heston I. Baldwin bought the property and tore down the house and added the ground to the…

Photograph of 261 & 275 W. Decatur St.
Photograph of 261 & 275 W. Decatur St. The house on the left, 261, was acquired by Jason Rogers in 1877. It had been built several years previous to this. Jeanette Rogers, daughter of Jason Rogers, died in 1949 and in 1951 the house was acquired by…