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Henry C. Mowry

Photograph of Henry C. Mowry; (died in 1908). Prominent grain dealer of Forsyth, Illinois. In 1867 he bought an elevator in Forsyth. About 1895 he sold out to J. B. Good and later Good sold to the Shellabarger Elevator Co. Photo by VanDeventer of…

John P. Faris

BIO139-FARIS_JOHN_P, 7-27-1910.jpg
Photograph of John P. Faris (d. 7/27/1910), the most prominent citizen and businessman in Niantic, IL. He started his grain business in 1861 called Faris & Cannon, and operated for 50 years. His offices were at 210 Review building in Decatur, IL. …

Dewein, Victor C.

BIO115-DEWEIN_VICTOR_C, 12-2-1915102.jpg
Photograph of Victor C. Dewein (d. 3/8/1926). He was a prominent grain dealer in Illinois, and the past president of the Illinois Grain Dealers Association. He owned grain elevators at Forsyth and Emery. Dewein was also connected to the…

Heston I. Baldwin

BIO40-BALDWIN_HESTON_I, C1916425.jpg
Photograph of Heston I. Baldwin (d. 3/27/1933), a prominent grain dealer and owner of the Baldwin Elevator Co. He served as an official on several state and national grain associations, and on the board of the D&MC Hospital. Baldwin was active in…