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Photographs of the Alice G. Evans Library Branch
Photographs of the Alice G. Evans library branch of the Decatur Public Library, which was located on Jasper street.

Photograph of the Durfee Library Branch
Photograph of the Durfee branch library which was the first branch of the Decatur Public Library. It was located in the Durfee school building and it moved to the Alice G. Evans branch library.

Photograph of 440 W. Main St.
Photograph of the cabin in the yard at 440 W. Main St., where Mrs. Alice G. Evans, Decatur Librarian, and Miss Ella Glore, sister of Mrs. Evans resided. In 1931 Heston I. Baldwin bought the property and tore down the house and added the ground to the…

Monthly Report: June 1905-May 1908

Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees monthly reports covering June 1905 to May 1908.