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Various Class Photographs from Excelsior School

Various class photographs from Durfee School taken between 1944 and 1949.

Photograph of a Baseball Meeting

Photograph taken on August 23rd of 1944 of a group of men at a baseball meeting.

Photographs of the Alice G. Evans Library Branch

LB615-ALICE G EVANS BRANCH, 10-17-1944001.jpg
Photographs of the Alice G. Evans library branch of the Decatur Public Library, which was located on Jasper street.

Photos of House on 919 W. William Street.

Photographs of House on 919 W. William Street. "Built by T. T. Roberts in 1905. In 1924 it was sold to L. W. cook who sold it in 1944 to Walter Flora, Sr. In 1947 it was bought by Carroll W. Rogers. Photo ran Review 5/3/1905." Photographs of house on…

William F. Frede

BIO144-FREDE_WILLIAM_F, 5-14-1944.jpg
Photograph of William F. Frede (d. 12/24/1950), a Decatur automobile dealer. In 1891, Frede started a farm implement business. After buying his first automobile in 1910, Frede opened a Studebaker dealership. He took over the Chevrolet dealership…

Mrs. Adkins and Soldier

Photograph of Mrs. Adkins with unknown soldier dressing in a World War II uniform. Both are standing outside in a backyard setting. The photo was taken on June 22, 1944.

1944 Decatur High School Decanois

This is the 1944 Decatur High School Decanois yearbook.