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Aaron Smick

BIO368-SMICK_AARON, 11-19-1913.jpg
Photograph of Aaron Smick; (died 11/19/1913). Decatur real estate dealer for many years. In the late 1870's he and C. C. Carter opened a real estate, loan and insurance office at 152 E. Prairie St. They remained in business together until about 1886.…

Charles M. Allison

BIO29-ALLISON_CHARLES M, 10-28-1917030.jpg
Photograph of Charles M. Allison, the founder and president of the Home Manufacturing Company. He started his business in him home in May 1895, and later moved it to the old Arcade building and then to the Kincaid Building on E. Eldorado. …

Captain T.J. Abel

BIO2-ABEL_T_J, (CAPTAIN)-2-17-1917002.jpg
Photograph of Captain T.J. Abel taken by Rembrandt's of Decatur, and used in the Decatur Daily Review on October 27, 1925. Capt. Abel was a veteran of the Civil War, and member of Abel & Locke, a carpet, wallpaper, and drapery dealer. He later went…