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Photo of the Sangamo Building located at 326-328 N. Water St., Decatur, IL.

BD110-Sangamo Building-326-328 N Water.jpg
Photograph of the Sangamo Building, 326-328 N. Water St. This building was occupied by Mueller, Platt, & Wheeland Co. Wholesale Grocers until 1917 when Blakney & Plums moved to that location. In 1954 this building was occupied by the John Green…

John A. Wagner, Sr.

Photograph of John A. Wagner, Sr. President of Wagner Castings 1933-1967. In 1967 elected Chairman of Board and Chief Executive Officer.

William L. Smith

BIO373-SMITH, WILLIAM L, C1917.jpg
Photograph of William L. Smith and family; (born 9/19/1835; died 4/10/1917) organized nationally famous Smith's Swiss Bell Ringers; first all American troupe formed in the U.S. in 1861, disbanded in 1892; organized what became known as the Goodman…

Frederick Schwab

BIO345-SCHWAB_FREDERICK, 8-3-1917.jpg
Photograph of Frederick Schwab; (died 10/5/1928). He was the last of the officers of the 116th Illinois Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. He was a charter member of Post 1, G.A.R., and a member of Dunham Post 141 G.A.R. When he first came to…

John and Elizabeth Seng Schudel and children

BIO401-SCHUDEL_JOHN_&_FAMILY, 9-16-1917.jpg
Photography of John and Elizabeth Schudel and their children. John died 11/2/1917; Elizabeth died 2/7/1929. He was a native of Switzerland and after he married in 1867 he started a mercantile business in Macon, IL. His sons are the founders of…

J. Edward Saxton

BIO341-SAXTON_J_EDWARD-2, 9-23-1917.jpg
Photograph of J. Edward Saxton; (died 9/17/1927) Justice of the peace in Decatur for 20 years, retiring in 1925. He became a partner with George R. Bacon in the wholesale paper business here in 1881. Later he opened a book store and ran it for 16…

David B. Parr

BIO302-PARR_DAVID_ 5-26-1917.jpg
Photograph of David B. Parr; former owner of the City Book Store (the firm of Parr and Parr) which was located at 124 Merchant St. He sold out and in 1917 they moved to Fayette County, IL. His wife was formerly household editor for the Decatur…

Gus Nalefski

BIO286-NALEFSKI_GUS, C1917.jpg
Photograph of Gus Nalefski, Wabash Railroad dispatcher for many years.

Mrs. Charles A. (Flora) Mammen

Photograph of Mrs. Charles A. (Flora) Memmen, taken by Wasson Studio in 1917. She is the mother of Castle William, who was killed in action in France October 1918, and after whom the local American Legion Post No. 105 was named. She was elected…

Capt. W. L. Krigbaum

BIO220-KRIGBAUM_W_LUTZ-2, C1917.jpg
Photograph of Capt. W. L. Krigbaum take by the Herald and Review, Decatur, IL.