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Photograph of 339 N. Edward St.

Photograph of 339 N. Edward St. taken June 22, 1939.

Photograph of Northwest Corner of Edward and William Streets

HO44-EDWARD_&_WILLIAM_ST, NW_CORNER, 12-6-1946.jpg
Photograph of the house at the Northwest corner of Edward and William Street taken December 6, 1946.

Photograph of Unused Site for Decatur & Macon County Hospital

Photograph of the unused land bought by the Bethsaida Hospital Association in 1903 for the future Decatur & Macon County Hospital, later called Decatur Memorial Hospital. The hospital movement was started by Mrs. Susan Hagaman and she formed theā€¦

Photographs of Decatur Memorial Hospital

Photographs of Decatur Memorial Hospital, formerly Decatur and Macon County Hospital on N. Edward St.