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Photograph of Carnegie Library Outreach
Photograph of a local librarian delivering a ceiling projector to an infantile paralysis victim in November of 1949.

Photographs from the St. Vincent's Hospital in Taylorville, IL
Various photographs of the interior and staff of the building of St. Vincent's Hospital in Taylorville, IL taken December 21, 1954.

Photographs of Outside Views of St. Mary's Hospital
Photographs of outside views of St. Mary's Hospital taken in the 1960's and 1970's.

Photographs of Aerial Views of St. Mary's Hospital
Photographs from the 1970's and 1980's of aerial views of St. Mary's Hospital.

Photograph of Artist's Plans for St. Mary's Hospital
Photograph of an artist's plans for St. Mary's Hospital made January 7, 1959.

St. Mary's Hospital while Under Construction
Photographs of St. Mary's Hospital while under construction in 1959 through 1961.

Photograph of Unused Site for Decatur & Macon County Hospital
Photograph of the unused land bought by the Bethsaida Hospital Association in 1903 for the future Decatur & Macon County Hospital, later called Decatur Memorial Hospital. The hospital movement was started by Mrs. Susan Hagaman and she formed theā€¦