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Photograph of Unused Site for Decatur & Macon County Hospital

Photograph of the unused land bought by the Bethsaida Hospital Association in 1903 for the future Decatur & Macon County Hospital, later called Decatur Memorial Hospital. The hospital movement was started by Mrs. Susan Hagaman and she formed the…

Photo of Rev. Henry W. Trueblood, pastor Second United Brethren Church.

Photograph of Rev. Henry w. Trueblood; died 3/5/1924. Pastor Second United Brethren Church 1920 until time of his death. Had served as pastor of First U. B. church in Decatur two times previous to 1920. Ordained in 1877. First came to Decatur in…

E. W. Thomson

BIO415-THOMSON_E_W, 1903.jpg
Photograph of E. W. Thomson, Instructor in higher mathematics at Millikin University, starting in November, 1903. Photo by Brewer.

Samuel M. Lutz

BIO234-LUTZ_SAMUEL_M-2, 12-16-1903.jpg
Photograph of Samuel M. Lutz take by International Stereograph Co. of Decatur, IL. Photo was used in the Herald or Daily Review, Sept. 7, 1913. Lutz died July 27, 1923. Widely known in Illinois a a singer, chorus leader, and a dealer in musical…

Andrew J. Dunston

BIO127-DUNSTON_ANDREW_J, C1903112.jpg
Photograph of Andrew J. Dunston (b. 4/9/1852, d. 1933). He was a blacksmith and horseshoer for over 60 years. Dunston built a building at 136 S. Franklin in 1892 that was eventually bought by Lubin A. Freeland for a machine shop. He was the father…

John Allen

BIO28-ALLEN_JOHN, 6-18-1903029.jpg
Photograph of John Allen, a Decatur realtor for many years. He was a member of the Board of Supervisors, and was the chairman of the Board of Review in 1899. Allen was elected circuit clerk and recorder in 1900, and served for 19 years. In 1919,…