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Photos of H. S. Gebhart's & Co. Clothing Store Building
Photographs of Gebhart's Clothing Store Building. On Nov. 7, 1932 Gebhart's and Gushard Stores Consolidated. H. S. Gebhart & Co. was located at 259-261 N. Water St. William Gushard Dry Goods Co. located 313 N. Water St. There is more information on…

Photo of Fenton Block - Sessler's Men's Apparel
Photograph of the Fenton Block located on N. Water and W. William Streets, Sessler's Men's Apparel, photo taken 2/2/1934.

Lewis E. Coonradt
Photograph of Dr. Lewis E. Coonradt (b. 10/23/1870, d. 6/8/1943) standing with a weather box. He was the son of Jacob H. Coonradt, and opened a dentist office in the Fenton Block on Water St in August 1895. He became the official weather man of…

Dr. William M. Catto
Photograph of Dr. William M. Catto. He was a physician and surgeon with an office in rooms 3-4-5 Fenton Block. He had a residence at 364 W. William St. The photo was taken by Abrams, and used in the Decatur Daily Review in 1895.