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Photos of H. S. Gebhart's & Co. Clothing Store Building
Photographs of Gebhart's Clothing Store Building. On Nov. 7, 1932 Gebhart's and Gushard Stores Consolidated. H. S. Gebhart & Co. was located at 259-261 N. Water St. William Gushard Dry Goods Co. located 313 N. Water St. There is more information on…

Photographs of 1165 W. Main St.
Photographs of 1165 W. Main St. This house, known as the Della P. Gushard home was built in 1912. In 1953 the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity moved into the house. They had previously occupied it from 1924 to 1932.

Photograph of 1005 N. Dunham
Photograph of 1005 N. Dunham. The house was built by C.C. Burroughs in 1866. It was later owned by a Mr. Hanks who sold it to D.L. Bunn in 1881. Eight years later Bunn sold it to W.H. Lake. About 1901 William Gushard bought it from Andy Hill.