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Richard F. McEvoy
Photograph of Richard F. McEvoy (d. Feb 15, 1931). He was born in Decatur and was a blacksmith by trade. For many years he was employed at the Wayne Sulkeyette and Road Cart Co. He later worked for Townsend Bros. and still later for Bowman bros. He…

F. J. McDonald
Photograph of F. J. McDonald (died Oct 26 1916). He was a breeder of high grade Jersey Cattle and won many prizes at livestock shows throughout the country. He was a bridge contractor in early life and also owned a dairy for several years.

W. A. McDaniel
Photograph of W. A. McDaniel taken 5/20/1928 by Rembrandt Studios of Decatur, IL. appeared in 1928 in the Decatur Herald or Review, Decatur, IL. Reference to Smith and McDaniel Plumbing Co.

Luther F. Martin
Photograph of Luther F. Martin (died June 5, 1947). Former chairman of the board of directors of the Citizens National Bank. He was associated with the firm of Bachman Bros. and Martin furniture business for many years. He moved to California in…

Dr. Benjamin L. Maienthal
Photograph of Dr. Benjamin L. Maienthal taken by Vandeventer's, and used in the Decatur Daily Review, Dec. 19, 1927. Member of the U. S. Pension Board 30 years. In 1897 organized Decatur Lodge No. 401, B.P.O.E. and State Elks Assn. and was its first…

Samuel M. Lutz
Photograph of Samuel M. Lutz take by International Stereograph Co. of Decatur, IL. Photo was used in the Herald or Daily Review, Sept. 7, 1913. Lutz died July 27, 1923. Widely known in Illinois a a singer, chorus leader, and a dealer in musical…