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Elza Virgil Wierman

Photograph of Elza Virgil Wierman; (died 11/8/1950). Decatur attorney since 1904. He was a former member of the law firm of Outten, Ewing, McCullough & Wierman. He was a member of the Decatur, Illinois, and American Bar Associations, Modern Woodmen…

Dr. Benjamin L. Maienthal

BIO241-MAIENTHAL_DR_BENJAMIN_L, 12-19-1927.jpg
Photograph of Dr. Benjamin L. Maienthal taken by Vandeventer's, and used in the Decatur Daily Review, Dec. 19, 1927. Member of the U. S. Pension Board 30 years. In 1897 organized Decatur Lodge No. 401, B.P.O.E. and State Elks Assn. and was its first…

Elmer R. Elder and His Family

BIO132-ELDER_ELMER_R & FAMILY, 4-22-1923.jpg
Photograph of Elmer R. Elder (b. 1/13/1878, d. 2/4/1928) and his family. Elder was elected mayor of Decatur in 1923 over Dan Dinneen. He entered politics in 1920, and was elected to the board of supervisors as the Assistant Supervisor of Decatur…