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Photograph of Students of the Decatur College of Music

Photograph of students going to or coming back from a trip taken in front of the Decatur College of Music and Rembrandt Studios. This photo was taken some time in the 1920's.

Photograph of Rev. James Walton McDonald

Photograph of Rev. James Walton McDonald. (born 1869; died 6/16/1951) Presbyterian pastor in Decatur 23 years, leaving in 1923 for Kansas City, MO. Came to Decatur in 1901 from Logansport, IN. First pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian church,…

Photo of Rev. Fr. Stanley Allen Macdonell

Photograph of Rev. Fr. Stanley Allen MacDonell, (b. 1880; d. 4/21/1949). Rector St .John's Episcopal church in Decatur 1926-1934. At death was rector of church in Maine. Born in Canada, he was a captain in the Royal Musketeers and served with British…

Lybrand Smith

BIO370-SMITH, LYBRAND, 11-2-1927.jpg
Photograph of Lybrand Palmer Smith in his naval uniform. Photo by Rembrandt Studios, ran in the Decatur Herald 7/7/1929. Lybrand is a fourth generation Smith Family. His great grand father was Johnson Joshua Smith, grandfather was William Lybrand…

Clyde Milton

BIO274-MILTON_CLYDE-2, 3-5-1914.jpg
Photograph of Clyde Milton, waif found in stairway, Photo taken 3/5/1914, child standing on chair.

W. A. McDaniel

BIO256-MCDANIEL_W_A, 5-20-1928.jpg
Photograph of W. A. McDaniel taken 5/20/1928 by Rembrandt Studios of Decatur, IL. appeared in 1928 in the Decatur Herald or Review, Decatur, IL. Reference to Smith and McDaniel Plumbing Co.

Oliver W. Kincaid

BIO209-KINCAID_OLIVER_W, 3-8-1925.jpg
Photograph of Oliver W. Kincaid (d. 8/16/1948). Originally from Kentucky, he was the owner of Kincaid Drug Store at 662 E. Eldorado St. from 1910 to 1920. He also owned a store building at Eldorado and Morgan, and other rental property in Decatur. …

Independent Sewing Circle

Photograph of the unknown women of the Independent Sewing Circle sitting on the front porch of a house. The photo was taken by Rembrandt Studios, and used by the Decatur Herald or Daily Review in 1917.

Dr. Lulu C. Hartwig

Photograph of Dr. Lulu C. Hartwig (d. 8/1/1954). She was a practicing osteopath in Decatur since 1908. She graduated from the American School of Osteopath in Kirksville, MO, and worked in Manhattan, KS for two years before coming to Decatur. …

Charles P. Guest

Photograph of Charles P. Guest (d. 5/13/1945). He was the superintendent of the Macon County federal surplus food depot for 5 years. He came to Decatur in 1917. Guest worked for the Capitol Grocery Co. of Springfield and the Decatur Grocery Co. …