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Photos of Coal Companies.
Photo: BS78 of Macon County Coal Mine. Photo BS80, mines' homes were bombed during the violence of November 1932. (Decatur Business pg 59). Photo: BS81 miners meet at Nelson Park in September 1932 (Decatur Business pg 59). Photo BS82 gathering coal…

Photo of Ben Waggoner, Coal Dealer
Photograph of Benn Waggoner, (died 1939) coal dealer in Decatur for 27 years. The coal yard he operated is believed to be the oldest in Decatur having been founded in 18874 by F. D. Caldwell and sold to Waggoner in 1912. Waggoner took in Joseph Michl…

Joseph Michl
Photo of Joseph Michl (born. March 17, 1831; died 1/12/1914) obituary in the Decatur Herald on 1/13/1914; p.3. Joseph Michl started the cigar business 1858.