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Photographs of the Wabash Railway Freight Station and Water Tanks

RR35-Wabash New & Old Towers at Jasper St Decatur, IL 2-5-37263.jpg
Photographs of the Wabash Railway Freight Station and water tanks near the Illinois Central crossing in Decatur IL, taken in 1936 and then in 1937 after a new additional water tank was constructed.

Photographs of the Wabash R.R. Concrete Coaling Tower During and After Construction

RR30-Wabash concrete coaling tower at Jasper St Decatur IL 9-26-37260.jpg
Photographs of the Wabash R.R. concrete coaling tower during and after construction taken in the fall of 1937. This tower is located at Jasper St. in Decatur IL.

Photographs of Ice Boats on Lake Decatur

Photographs of ice boats on lake decatur taken on Christmas day in 1937.

Photographs of John D. "Jack" Duffey

FD87-DUFFEY, JOHN D-1, (JACK), 10-13-1912.jpg
Photographs of John D. "Jack" Duffey; died March 23, 1937. Veteran Decatur Fireman. He served nearly 35 years on the Fire Department. He left the Fire Department about 1912 and for about 12 years was head of Mueller's Fire Department. Later he served…

Photo of the Rogers Theatre E. Wood St.

BS516-ROGERS_THEATRE, 11-19-1937005.jpg
Photograph of location of the Rogers Theatre before it was built. Photograph of the Rogers Theatre under construction.

Mrs. Herman Post

BIO314-POST_MRS_HERMAN, 11-12-1937.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. Herman Post and young girl holding a toy rabbit Mrs. Post (born 7/13/1850 in St. Clair Co., IL.: married H. (Herman) Post 1868; died 11/11/1937, in Decatur, IL. Came to Decatur in 1870. Photo by Pfile of Decatur, IL. Obit published…

WRC No. 4 Float in the GAR 50th Anniversary Parade

AS8-GAR_parade float_1937_016.jpg
Negative of the WRC No. 4 float in the Grand Army of the Republic's 50th anniversary parade in Decatur, IL in 1937.