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Photographs of Grant School Building, People and Children

Photographs of Grant School Building, Classroom and old Grant School Building

Photographs Decatur High School in 1930's.

Photos of Decatur High School Building, Students and Students in Wood Working Class and Classroom, Parking lot on North corner.

Photograph of Classroom at Brush College #2

SC4-Brush_College_No 2_Classroom_1941002.jpg
Photo of Students with headphones ready to listen to music in classroom at Brush College #2.

Photographs of the Durfee School Nursery and Kindergarten

Photographs of the Durfee School nursery and kindergarten taken on May 20th, 1941.

Photographs of the Interior of Decatur High School

SC16-Science Classroom ca 1940018.jpg
Photographs of the interior of Decatur High School including the gym, auditorium, the girls locker room, a science classroom and the music room taken around 1940.